A clean and comfortable FAB-listed boarding cattery in Wadebridge


The cats are accommodated in individual spacious full height chalets, which are insulated and have thermostatically controlled  heaters, a window shelf to watch the world go by, each with access to their own covered run with shelves and scratch post overlooking landscaped gardens. 

There is a generous space between each run so that, whilst each cat can see its neighbour, there can be no direct contact. They are serviced by a covered security corridor with double entry doors for added security. All chalets are built to accommodate up to two cats sharing or we have two family units (up to four cats sharing) from the same family.

Bedding is provided, but we are happy for you to provide your cat’s favourite cat bed or blanket as this is something he is familiar with, smelling of you and home and will enable them to settle more quickly.  Please ensure this is clean and suitable to be laundered should the need arise.

Each pen is swept and wiped down daily with an animal safe disinfectant to ensure the cats surrounding are as clean as possible. Also every pen is vacuumed, hoses and disinfected thoroughly after each departure.